Please Note the guild ordinances below are out of date and under review.  Please contact the Guildmistress if you have any questions

Guild Ordinances

The Official Guild Policy reads as follows.

Aims of the Guild

  • To promote knowledge of the fibre arts and crafts by teaching and sharing our knowledge through spoken and written forms.
  • To produce items of fibre work in whatever form.
  • To research the fibre arts and crafts of the middle ages specifically, and fibre arts and crafts generally.
  • To meet at the Crown events with the view of sharing our knowledge and examining our works.
  • To advise the state of the fibre arts and crafts to the Lochac Arts and Sciences minister as required.


Rankings within the guild, are for guild use and do not denote awards or titles of Lochac.

  • Beginner
    Unranked or new to guild
  • Novice
    Has made one piece in chosen area [eg novice weaver]
  • Journeyman
    • Has made five pieces or more in chosen area
    • Has done some research
    • Has shared knowledge with at least one other person
  • Master
    • Has done substantial research
    • Has taught classes on the subject
    • Has good knowledge of the subject
    • Has produced a masterwork
  • Fibremaster – master in 5 or more areas



  • Reports to Lochac Arts and Sciences minister as required
  • Organises meetings at Crown events
  • Organises competitions as applicable
  • Co-ordinates with other officers


  • Maintains the register of rankings
  • Reports advances in rank at crown events
  • Maintains a collection of articles by members of the guild and brings them to crown events as required


  • Receives articles from members and arranges for their publication
  • Provides a copy of each published article to the librarian for the guild records

Patron [not strictly an officer]

Supports the guild